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No experience necessary! Whether you’re looking for that once in a lifetime thrill, a unique addition to your San Diego vacation, or the epitome of a team building experience, a tandem jump is just what the doctor ordered.

Paired with a licensed, professional tandem instructor, and once you complete our simple training program you will Skydive from 13,000 feet! Expect a freefall of approximately 1 minute and then a 5-6 minute parachute flight over Southern California’s stunning scenery with views of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego metropolitan area, and Baja California.

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Our Skydive Packages

At SDSD we operate with larger than normal planes which allows us to fit up to 7 customers and their professional instructors on one trip to altitude! Local competitors use smaller planes that can only accommodate groups of two. We want you to enjoy your experience with your family and friends. 

We welcome friends and family members to come and support you on your adventure. Our drop zone allows for you to land right in front of your loved ones. Other local skydiving locations will need to transport you from the drop zone back to your friends and family via a bus, after your experience.

Our aircrafts are maintained and certified FAA/FAR Part 135. We are the only drop zone in the nation that uses Part 135 aircrafts full-time. In other words, we maintain our airplanes as though they are airline airplanes offering you the safest experience possible.

We have multiple packages to make your experience amazing. Select the best one for you.

Regular Tandem

$ 239
  • Free t-shirt + fully refundable
  • Jump any day or time we are open
  • Change or cancel up until 48 hours before your jump for a full refund
  • Purchase online, in person, or via phone

Tandem Online

$ 219
  • Available online only
  • Jump any day or time we are open
  • Refundable with a $30 change/cancel/no show fee

Early Bird Special

$ 199
  • Weekends Only
  • Jump from 8am - 10am
  • Saturday and Sundays only
  • Non-refundable

*In order to participate, all customers must be 18 with a valid I.D & 230lbs or less.

Extreme Ground Rush Tandem

$ 250
  • Saturday + Sunday
  • Time: 8:30am

Attention Adrenaline Seekers

  • Extreme ground rush tandem.
  • Jump from a lower altitude and experience the thrill of ground rush!
  • A jump like no other.



$ 89
  • Handcam Photos or Video
  • Handcam Photos and Video: $109
  • Camera mounted on the instructor's wrist, a selfie point of view. This captures your face throughout the skydive and during the parachute ride.


$ 154
  • Deluxe Photos and Video
  • Additional instructor jumps with tandem student and instructor, and takes photos and video from an outside perspective.


$ 184
  • Deluxe + Basic Photos and Video
  • outside video capturing jumpers
  • skydiver after landing with parachute
  • skydiver landing


Skydive San Diego is a United States Parachute Association affiliated training drop zone. Home to everything from certified jumpers to military training, our drop zone offers the safest and best-in-class experience in Southern California.

our professional Instructors

Amber Wright Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Amber Wright
Chris Cavallo Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Chris Cavallo
Dani Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Greg Melcher Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Greg Melcher
James Foran Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
James Foran
Jay Shibley Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Jay Shibley
Larry Barbiero Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Larry Barbiero
Leela Shrayter Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Leela Shrayter
Michael Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Mike King Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Mike King
Renato Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Rich Gann Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Rich Gann
Rich Jackson Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Rich Jackson
Travis Reed Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Travis Reed
Victor Bobo Oraha Sky Dive San Diego Instructor
Victor "Bobo"


nockie review

I’ve jumped twice here! The process was very easy and straightforward, the staff are exceptional and welcoming, and I’m well-instructed prior to the dive/jump. Great first and second experience for me. Will definitely come back!

Nockie D.
Andrew L

SO WORTH IT! I had Victor as my awesome instructor and maaaaan was he just full of great energy! I’m super terrified of heights, and thought this would be a great way to get over it. Victor made everything more fun and less terrifying. The views were amazing! You could see the water, the mountains and the area nearby. I’d def go back!

Sarah z.
Carleen G

This was honestly the coolest thing I’ve ever done. I recommend to anyone and everyone. My dad, boyfriend, and i still can’t believe we did it! The instructors were all so awesome and made the experience less terrifying. We absolutely loved it! Jay, Connor, and Tyler were all awesome. Thank you guys!

Carleen G.