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About Sky Diving

Take a Leap and Go Sky Diving!

That tingling in your feet as the door opens. The sweaty palms right before you leap. Can you imagine the adrenaline rush as you jump out of an airplane and freefall towards the earth? The feeling of weightlessness as your body rips through the wind, twisting and turning as you look down at the ground. Skydiving is popular for a reason. It’s considered the ultimate rush. And no matter if you’re a beginning thrill-seeker looking to attempt a first jump, or a skydiving veteran who just can’t get enough, Skydive San Diego, Inc. is the premier choice. Our private airport and adjoining facilities are dedicated solely to the thrill-filled art of skydiving.

The Trip Up!

Our modern turbine aircraft will safely take you to an altitude of 13,000 feet. You can look out at all the beautiful scenery that the California landscape has to offer as you prepare for your jump. Skydiving is the thrill of a lifetime and something you will remember forever. Our licensed and professional instructors will ensure your safety. There’s no need to be nervous, but being nervous is part of what makes skydiving such an eye opening experience. You have the option to jump as a tandem, paired with one of our professional instructors, or to jump on your own. You will receive the same training as the Navy Seals when preparing for their first jump. We even have an area for spectators, such as friends and family.

Sky Diving in San Diego!

San Diego is considered the most beautiful destination in all of California skydiving. The gorgeous landscape is breathtaking from ground level; just imagine it from 13,000 feet. Many people seek out roller coasters, shooting ranges, off-road driving, rock climbing, etc, for their thrills. But the people who really want to experience the heart-pounding mega-rush undoubtedly choose skydiving. Skydiving locations are vast all over the country, but Skydive San Diego, Inc. offers the best all around package on the market. Though skydiving is considered one of the most insane things that a thrill-seeker can do, most first-time jumpers end up as repeat jumpers, and some even end up working as instructors. It’s a thrill that people just can’t get enough of. Come see why at Skydive San Diego, Inc.