AFF Level 1 - 2 Instructors

Upon successful completion of the Ground School you will be ready for your first jump with 2 instructors where you will practice basic free fall body position, altitude awareness, deploy your parachute at the correct altitude and land at the dropzone. Your instructors will be with you in the aircraft on the ride to altitude and during freefall. After deployment you will be using your new skills to land safely at the dropzone on your own.

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Course Objectives

The objective of AFF Level 1 is to introduce you to the freefall experience while performing pre-planned tasks such as ‘Circle of Awareness’, practice handle touches, maintain a stable body position, maintain altitude awareness, deploy at the correct altitude, and successfully land back at the dropzone.

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Course Details

Freefall TLO’s

  • Exposure to continuous free fall
  • Focused awareness and attention
  • 3 coordinated practice handle touches (PHT)
  • Altitude awareness
  • Deploy at correct altitude

Dive Flow TLO’s

  • Exit
  • COA
  • 3 PHT
  • COA
  • Free Time
  • Wave off & Deploy @ 5,500 feet

Canopy Control TLO’s

  • Canopy control check
  • Identify the holding area and landing pattern
  • Fly a basic landing pattern
  • Proper flare and PLF...if necessary

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