AFF Level 1 - First Jump Course - 2 Instructors

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Level I includes an advanced tandem jump to get you familiar with jumping out of a plane and canopy control. You then continue into a First Jump Course (FJC) for the classroom portion of the training. This course lasts approximately 5 hours and is very comprehensive. It will cover topics relating to body position, equipment, aircraft safety and Emergency Procedures. After the class you will be ready for your first jump with 2 instructors where you will practice basic free fall body position, altitude awareness and pull at the designated altitude.

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Course Objectives

The Targeted Learning Objectives for the FJC is to train and equip a first-time skydiver with everything they would need to know to making their first-jump and go on to become a competent and safe skydiver. The student will receive professional training and instruction from a USPA Certified Instructor and will be tested on their knowledge to satisfy all USPA and Instructor requirements. Once the ground school portion is complete the student will make their first jump with two highly trained AFF instructors who will observe and make sure all requirements are met during their first jump.

The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Training program is one the most advanced and highly developed first-jump training program in the world. A comprehensive, 5-6 hr ground school will teach you everything you need to know to make a safe first-jump wearing your own parachute. You will learn about the sky diving equipment, the aircraft, the free fall, parachute flight, and even malfunctions and emergency scenarios. When ready, you will then ride one of our turbine jump ships to 13000 feet, and skydive! Two AFF Instructors will exit the plane with you and assist you if needed. After nearly 1-minute of free fall, you will deploy your own parachute and fly it to a landing at a designated area at our drop zone. You will be presented with a logbook to document your training and you will be on your way towards a lifetime of extreme adventure!

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Course Details

Freefall TLO’s

  • Exposure to continuous free fall
  • Focused awareness and attention
  • 3 coordinated practice handle touches (PHT)
  • Altitude awareness
  • Assisted pull

Dive Flow TLO’s

  • Exit
  • COA
  • 3 PHT
  • COA
  • Free Time
  • Wave off & Pull @ 5,500 feet

Canopy Control TLO’s

  • Canopy control check
  • Identify the holding area and landing pattern
  • Fly a basic landing pattern
  • Proper flare and PLF...if necessary

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