AFF Level 2 - 2 Instructors

*Prerequisite: Completion of FJC (First Jump Course and AFF Level 1). Must be booked in person or over the phone.

In AFF Level 2 you will be introduced to turns and forward motion. This level is where you start to learn how to maneuver your body in free fall. Turning and moving forward will be basic skill sets you will always use in skydiving along with altitude awareness and practice pulls.

Course Objectives

All AFF Students will be able to perform proper free fall stability and recovery techniques at this point. You will demonstrate to the instructor’s proper heading awareness and controlled turns. You will perform four cumulative 90-degree turns, 20 degree tolerance. While under canopy you will perform steering check, fly a more defined landing pattern and demonstrate proper flare and PLF if necessary. Once level 2 is completed to the satisfaction of your instructors, you will advance to level 3.

Course Details

Freefall TLO’s

  • 2 PHT
  • Heading awareness/controlled turns
  • Forward motion
  • Relaxed arched body position
  • Unassisted pull @ 5,500 feet

Dive Flow TLO’s

  • Exit
  • COA
  • 2 PHT
  • Altitude check
  • Left 90-degree turn
  • Altitude check
  • Right 90-degree turn
  • Altitude check
  • Forward motion
  • No maneuvers at/or below 6,000 feet
  • Wave off and pull @ 5,500 feet
  • Proper flare and PLF...if necessary

Canopy Control TLO’s

  • Steering check
  • Identify the holding area and landing pattern
  • Fly a more defined landing pattern, starting @ 1,000 feet at the upwind side of landing area

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