AFF Level 3 - 2 Instructors

*Prerequisite: Completion AFF Level 2. Must be booked in person or over the phone.

In AFF Level 3 you will have your first Release Dive. Once you have demonstrated good stability in free fall from the previous jumps, your instructors will release you in free fall and you are flying on your own while your instructors monitor your body position and heading control arms length away from you.

Course Objectives

Objectives on level 3 are the same as Level 1 and 2, only the instructors completely release you for the first time. You will demonstrate heading and hover control and an unassisted pull. At this point you are feeling more comfortable as a solo skydiver and if all elements are completed to the satisfaction of your instructors, you will progress to the next level of your AFF training.

Course Details

Freefall TLO’s

  • Heading maintenance
  • Hover control
  • Unassisted pull

Dive Flow

  • Exit
  • COA
  • 1 PHT
  • Altitude check
  • Release/Hover
  • Short COA's
  • Wave off & pull @ 5,500 feet

Canopy Control TLO’s

  • Steering check
  • Identify the holding area
  • Identify alternate landing pattern
  • Look for 45-degree angle on final target
  • Proper Flare

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