AFF Level 4 - 1 Instructor

In AFF Level 4 you will be introduced to upper body turns and you will have 1 instructor with you. Once you have left the airplane you will be released and you can then practice 360 degree turns, starting and stopping on a heading along with good body stability and altitude awareness.

Course Objectives

The TLO’s for level 4 deal primarily with heading control and turns. You will also be performing self gear checks and 360 degree turns in addition to excellent hover control and perform an unassisted pull. Your progress and confidence as a solo skydiver at level 4 compared to the previous levels are noticeable. If all the elements of level 4 are completed to the satisfaction of your instructor, you will progress to level 5.

Course Details

Freefall TLO’s

  • Heading Control
  • Unassisted pull
  • Self gear checks and donning as well as parts quiz.

Dive Flow

  • Exit
  • COA
  • Student picks and holds heading
  • Instructor releases
  • Altitude check
  • Turn left 360 degrees/stop on heading
  • Altitude check
  • Turn right 360 degrees/stop on heading
  • Altitude check
  • Continue to 7,000 feet
  • Wave off and pull @ 5,550 feet

Canopy TLO’s

  • Steering check
  • Identify the holding area and landing area
  • Penetration check
  • Rear riser turns and flares

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