AFF Level 5 - 1 Instructor

In AFF Level 5 you will be exiting without an instructor holding on to you. Also on this skydive, you will do a back-flip and move forward and dock on your instructor. Again you will have 1 instructor jumping with you.

Course Objectives

The level 5 TLO’s are to show your proficiency with poised exit and stabilize quickly into hover control. This level is where you get to perform your first aerobatics in the form of a back loop. You will practice forward motion to dock and standard freefall and canopy checks. You get a little more freefall time here if you nail your back loop first time. You will altitude check and wave off and pull at 5,000 feet. Under canopy, you will work on canopy stalls and recovery above 2,500 feet and review high-wind landing procedures. The goal for landing is to discover the sweet spot or best landing flare for your canopy.

Course Details

Freefall TLO’s

  • Solo Poised Exit
  • Back loop
  • Forward Motion
  • Unassisted Pull

Dive Flow

  • Solo Poised Exit
  • COA
  • Back loop
  • Altitude check
  • Forward motion to dock
  • Altitude check
  • Continue until 7,000 feet
  • Wave off and pull @ 5,000 feet

Canopy Control TLO’s

  • Stall practice and recovery (above 2,500 feet)
  • Review low wind vs. high wind landing patterns, low turns and object fixation

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