AFF Level 6 - 1 Instructor

In AFF Level 6 you will climb outside of the airplane and exit linked to your instructor, working on exit presentation. You will then practice moving in a straight line (tracking).

Course Objectives

The objective of this level is to teach you how to perform a linked floating exit with another skydiver. In this case, it will be your instructor. Linked floating exits are your first exposure to formation skydiving. As you progress as a skydiver it will become more familiar and fun. Tracking is also a basic yet important skill learned by novice skydivers. Tracking is the technique of assuming a body position that allows you to move horizontally while freefalling.

You will also practice turns on this dive two 90 degree turns and at least one 180 degree turn before reaching 7,000 feet. You will wave off and pull at 5,000 feet and then practice brake turns and full toggle turns while under canopy. Another element to practice will be right of way and canopy avoidance in the landing area.

Course Details

Freefall TLO’s

  • Linked Floating Exit
  • Tracking for 5 seconds
  • Unassisted Pull
  • Self Gear Checks and Donning as well as parts quiz.

Dive Flow

  • Linked floating exit
  • Altitude check
  • Face Instructor
  • Turn left/right 90 degrees when prompted
  • Track on heading for 5 seconds
  • Altitude check
  • Turn 180 degrees and repeat if above 7,000 feet
  • Wave off and pull @ 5,000 feet

Canopy TLO’s

  • Practice braked turns vs. full toggle turns
  • Right of way and canopy avoidance in the landing area

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