AFF Level 7 - 1 Instructor

In AFF Level 7 you will have your Graduation Dive. On this skydive, you will demonstrate maneuvers and stability to your instructor and well as good canopy control skills. Once you have graduated Level 7 you will be on your way to 25 jumps and your “A” License. Between your 8th jump and your 25th, you will be doing a series of solo jumps and coach jumps to help refine the skills you have learned.

Course Objectives

The objective of this level is for you to demonstrate proficiency of many of the skydiving skills that you have learned over the past 6 levels. You will begin with a floating exit, being able to maintain and recover control. You will then perform a font flip and back flip for your instructor. Then you will perform a 360 degree turn and stop and select a heading then perform a 5-second track. All the while doing altitude checks, you will wave off and pull at 5,000 feet.

Your instructor will debrief with you and provide feedback on your dive and if all USPA criteria are satisfactorily met, you will be certified to solo jump and you will only be 18 dives away from your USPA “A” license.

Course Details

Freefall TLO’s

  • Floating Exit - maintain and recover control
  • Front flip
  • Back flip
  • 360 degree turn
  • Tracking
  • Unassisted wave off and pull
  • Self supervision of gear checks and donning

Dive Flow

  • Solo floating exit
  • Altitude check
  • Front Flip
  • Altitude check
  • Back flip
  • Altitude check
  • 360 degree turn - any direction
  • Tracking for 5 seconds
  • Wave off and pull @5,000 feet

Canopy Control TLO’s

  • Above 2,500 feet perform 180 degree toggle turns following turns of 90 degrees in opposite directions.

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