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Advanced Training

5_way_Freefly_Photo_Brett_Willard-(1)Valor Flight School

Whether you just earned your A-license or have thousands of jumps, our Freefly and our advanced canopy school can teach you basic RW, tracking, backflying, sitflying, headdown flying, camera flying, and help progress team training.

The Canopy portion of the school can work to ensure every landing is a safe one. From basic maneuvers to world level competition, our coaches at the school have the knowledge and experience to help you meet your goals.

The latest and greatest technologies are employed by the school including in air communications and video debriefing which ensure thorough teaching both in the air and on the ground. Tunnel coaching is also available with the same quality as in the sky. Learn faster and cheaper without having to worry about pulling. With competitive rates of $75 per jump and $300 a day, Skydive San Diego’s Valor Flight School School is the place to get coaching today. Remember it is easier to learn new habits than to break old ones. To request coaching or for further information please contact