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Extreme Sky Diving

The Thrill of Extreme Sky Diving

For the experienced skydiver, the thrill of jumping from a plane and freefalling is very addictive.  To those unfamiliar with skydiving, the term “Extreme Skydiving” may seem unnecessary. Skydiving is thought to be extreme as is. But for the veterans who attempt numerous jumps, leaping from the plane and pulling the cord may quickly become mundane. This is where the term extreme comes into play. Many skydivers like to go in groups and jump together. Some like to tape their activities while freefalling. Freefall skydiving is more popular now. Jumpers like to wait a bit longer before pulling the cord. Though you must be a skilled jumper with multiple skydives to your credit to compete in anything extreme. We do cater to those skilled jumpers who wish to practice extreme skydiving.

We welcome all levels of skydivers to our beautiful facilities, and are proud of the way we integrate novice and expert alike. You must be 18 years of age or older, you must be a current member of the USPA and/or your countries equivalent, holding an ‘A’ license of higher, you must have a current logbook, you must reserve a packing date card for each rig you wish to jump in-date per FAA 180-Day requirements, AAD’s are required for all jumpers.

We encourage everyone to visit Skydive San Diego and experience the thrill of a lifetime.