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Parachute Equipment

All of our student and rental gear is state-of-the-art, modern skydiving equipment that is rigorously maintained by FAA-certified parachute technicians.

Tandem skydives are made on Sigma Tandem rigs and our student jumps on Infinity rigs.  All of our student equipment is equipped with the Cypres Automatic Activation Device to make your skydive as safe as possible.

Rental equipment is available for $30 per jump, or $100 for the day.  Rental parachutes are Icarus Safires, and range in size from 169 sq ft up to 260 sq ft.   All of our rigs are Velocity Sports Equipment Infinitys, and packers are always available.

If you are in the market to purchase equipment, Gravity Gear is our resident pro-shop.  All manner of equipment, from t-shirts to altimeters to full parachute systems, is available.  A full-time gear-consultant is also available to make your choice an informed one.