Fearless Together

At Skydive San Diego, those who fly together stay together!

Did you know that more than 500,000 people nationwide try skydiving for the first time every single year? Many people in the skydiving community make this thrilling experience a regular hobby and a normal part of their life. Not only is this a high adrenaline sport, but it embraces a sense of community for people to find support and spirit in. It’s a sport that builds a family and a sense of trust.

Whether this is your first jump or 1,000th jump, you’ll find the community at Skydive San Diego is a welcoming place that encourages you to conquer your fears and be fearless together.

The Feeling of Skydiving

Many skydiving enthusiasts will say that the thrill of jumping is unlike any other. You can expect a freefall of approximately one minute and five to six-minute parachute flight drifting over San Diego’s stunning scenery – including mountain and ocean views like no other.

A Skydiving Intention

Many jumpers will set an intention and put themselves into a “flow” during the process of a jump. An intention means bringing your attention to a quality that you would like to focus on during your process and help you overcome personal challenges. The more jumps you obtain, the more ways you’ll challenge yourself.

Your Support System

Skydivers look out for each other on safety precautions and support to challenge themselves. On and off of the dropzone, skydivers have each other’s backs, andt’s a team effort to practice safety. At Skydive San Diego, our professional staff is here to support you whether you’re enrolling in Trident Training School or jumping a Tandem Jump for the first time!

Remember Your Experience

Whether you’re training to jump solo or can’t get enough of  jumping tandem, booking your next skydive at SDSD will create a memorable experience to last a lifetime. So here’s our recommendation to remember your time in the sky.

We always recommend capturing your skydiving experience on film! Many people often overlook this aspect – but this is one of the best ways to remember your time in the sky. One of our most popular packages is the Deluxe Photo and Video Package –  where an additional instructor jumps with you and takes photos and video from an outside perspective.

Our video packages catalog your feelings before, during, and after your jump. It’s great to look back and see how far you have come from your original thoughts and fears. The tiny moments from how it felt when your feet touched the ground to the feeling of rising in altitude in the airplane are all documented on camera. When your feelings are noted like this, it is a great reminder to go back to and overcome future challenges.

Join Our Skydive Community

Join our fearless community today and sign up for our Trident Training School! Our experienced staff aids you on your journey to becoming a safe Skydiver through learning in a professional and enriched environment.

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