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Skydiving Academy

Our Mission

The objective of Skydive San Diego is to provide our students a safe and fun learning environment. We have a very experienced staff with thousands of jumps and have the most up to date student equipment in the industry. It is our goal to produce safe skydivers that can learn in an experienced enriched environment.

2018 13,000 TANDEMS
2018 18,000 AFF JUMPS
2018 30,600 SPORT JUMPS

Certifications & Standards

We are a United States Parachute Association member that is the governing body over skydiving in the United States. We also fall under the regulations of the Federal Aviation Authority for aircraft and reserve parachute packing guidelines.

FAA Drop Zone

USPA Certified

USPA Member

Certification Courses

AFF Level 1

For individuals who are looking to jump on their own, we offer the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Program. This includes an advanced tandem jump to get you familiar with jumping out of a plane and canopy control. You then continue into a First Jump Course (FJC) for the classroom portion of the training.

AFF Level 2

In AFF Level 2 you will be introduced to turns and forward motion. This level is where you start to learn how to maneuver your body in free fall. Turning and moving forward will be basic skill sets you will always use in skydiving along with altitude awareness and practice pulls.

AFF Level 3

Release Dive. Once you have demonstrated good stability in free fall from the previous jumps, your instructors will release you in free fall and you are flying on your own while your instructors monitor your body position and heading control arms length away from you.

AFF Level 4

This jump you will have 1 instructor with you. Once you have left the airplane you will be released and you can then practice 360 degree turns, starting and stopping on a heading along with good body stability and altitude awareness.

AFF Level 5

On this skydive you will exit without the instructor holding you and show a solo poised exit, back loop, forward motion followed by an unassisted pull. In addition, under canopy you will practice stalls and recovery above 2,000 feet. You are almost there, just two more jumps to go.

AFF Level 6

On this skydive you will demonstrate that you can perform a linked floating exit, then two 90 degree turns, track on a heading for 5 seconds and then turn 180 degrees and then wave off at 5,000 feet and pull. You’re almost there and should be feeling good about your progress as a skydiver.

AFF Level 7

Well if you are at Level 7, you are at your graduation dive. The purpose of this dive is to observe you performing various aerobatic maneuvers, recover and good altitude awareness. If everything goes well and you advance we congratulate you. From this point forward you are ready to jump solo and progress on towards your USPA “A” license.

A License

Many AFF students who decide to go for their USPA ‘A’ License want to do it in a short period of time. One jump every once in a while just won’t cut it. At Skydive San Diego we have found that student skydivers just do better when they are able to do all of their training in a short period of time. Our ‘A’ License program is designed to help you reach that goal quickly and save money as well.


Here at Skydive San Diego, we take safety seriously. We adhere to the guidelines set by the United States Parachute Association and the Federal Aviation Administration. From the ownership/management to our professional skydiving staff, each person takes pride in what they do. It is our duty to make sure that each student, fun jumper and observer is safe and having fun.

Jeff Bramstedt

Jeff Bramstedt

Jeff Bramstedt has over 24 years of skydiving experience and has earned several USPA ratings.  Jeff turned his passion and love for the sport of skydiving into a business in 2016 when he and his partners bought Skydive San Diego to help create one of the best and safest drop zones in the world.  Jeff has the following USPA ratings: Tandem Instructor, Arial Videographer, PRO, Coach and S&TA. His love for the sport began at a young age while in the Navy SEAL Teams and ultimately included being a member of the Navy Parachute Team.

Greg Lund

Greg Lund

Greg has over 23 years of skydiving experience and over 17,000 jumps. He grew up in Chicago Illinois and moved to San Diego in 2003 to manage Skydive San Diego and establish the Navy Free Fall School. At Skydive San Diego, he is the General Manager and a Coach, Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Tandem Examiner, and has a PRO rating. He is a 2-time world record holder in formation skydiving. Greg also has a degree in Marketing from Texas Tech and Northern Texas State University. In his free time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle.



Catherine Bedell

Catherine has over 10 years of skydiving experience and over 1000 jumps. She grew up in Lyons, Colorado and moved to San Diego to skydive at the best drop zone she’s ever been to. Before she got into skydiving, Catherine worked with performing arts companies specializing in single point dance trapeze, Spanish web, aerial skills, bungee and invented apparatus. Upon retirement from dance, the next step was naturally to get a bit higher with skydiving. At Skydive San Diego, she is a Coach and AFF Instructor. She is also a two-time Colorado State Women’s record holder for largest skydiving formation. Catherine holds a degree in liberal arts from University of Colorado, Boulder and spent time at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. In her free time, she enjoys flying trapeze, pistol target shooting, and hide and seek (the extreme version).


Chad Ross

Chad has over 16 years of skydiving experience and 17,000+ jumps. Chad hails from Wisconsin and moved to San Diego in 2003 to attend Mesa College, from which he holds a degree in Fine Arts. Most of his family is in the aeronautical community, so getting into skydiving was his way of carrying on the family tradition. At Skydive San Diego, he is a Coach, Static Line Instructor, Instructor-Assisted Deployment Instructor (IAD), AFF instructor, Tandem Instructor, and is PRO rated. Chad is also a member of the USA Skydive Team, 4 Time US Gold Medalist, National gold medalist in Freefly, and holds world records in both head up and head down jumps. In his free time, he enjoys Surfing, Snowboarding, painting, reading, Muay Thai style kickboxing, and boxing.


Dylan Kirchhofer

Dylan has over 5 years of skydiving experience and over 4000+ jumps. Born and raised in San Diego, he remains here and is proud to call it home. He holds a degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Economics from San Diego State University. His drive to experience life to the fullest led him to try out skydiving. He loved it so much that he decided to make a career out of it. Now, at Skydive San Diego, he is a Coach, Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor and videographer. In his free time, Dylan enjoys snowboarding, playing basketball and all things adrenaline-related.


Felipe Perrone

Felipe has over 10 years of skydiving experience and over 9500 jumps. He was born and raised in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In 2001, he visited San Diego to catch some waves on the surf and loved it so much that he made plans to move permanently later that year. He started out at skydive San Diego packing parachutes, but after he did his first jump, he was hooked and wanted to jump full time. Now, after over a decade, he is a Coach, AFF Instructor, and Tandem Instructor. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, surfing, snowboarding, and traveling.


Harris Raza

Harris has over 5 years of skydiving experience and over 6000 jumps. Born and raised in San Diego, Harris attended Southwestern College for general studies. Inspired by his close friends who began skydiving in high school, he decided he would give it a shot and was hooked from the first jump. Now, at Skydive San Diego, he is a Coach, AFF Instructor, and Tandem Instructor. He is also a rigger for the Federal Aviation Administration. In his free time, he enjoys indoor skydiving, snowboarding and playing basketball.


Patrick Woodruff

Patrick has over 10 years of skydiving experience and over 5000 jumps. He is originally from Leonard, TX, a small town north of Dallas. In 2007, he enlisted in the US Navy, where he fell in love with the thrill of flying freefall through the sky. At Skydive San Diego, he is a Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Coach, Static Line and Instructor-Assisted Deployment (IAD). Patrick holds a degree in Business from Mesa College. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, snowboarding, and cooking.


Ricky Nelson

Ricky has over 13 years of skydiving experience and over 3500 jumps. Born in Oceanside, NY, Ricky moved to San Diego to attend BUD/S Training to become a Navy SEAL and has been here ever since. He has been in the military for 18 years and counting. He jumped out of his first plane in 2001 in Fort Benning, GA, and loved it from there. At Skydive San Diego, he is a Coach, Coach Examiner, AFF Instructor, Tandem instructor and examiner, Senior Rigger for the Federal Aviation Administration. He earned his PRO rating this season and is currently pursuing canopy piloting.


Tom Riddick

Tom has over 49 years of skydiving experience and over 7800 jumps. Born and raised in Indiana, he has a degree in Accounting from Indiana University. He moved to San Diego in 1972 to escape the cold winters. After a teacher in military mentioned skydiving, Tom decided to try it for himself. At Skydive San Diego, he is an AFF instructor, which he has done for 22 years. Previously, he was a static line instructor for 11 years. He has competed in 2 national parachuting championships. In his free time, he enjoys reading, dog shows, and following political commentary.


Victor Oraha

Victor has over 6 years of skydiving experience and over 8600 jumps. He was born and raised in San Diego. After getting his General Education degree at Grossmont College, he began working at Skydive San Diego as a gear tech specialist. In no time, he fell in love with soaring through the sky and the exciting community in the sport. Now, he is a Coach, Tandem instructor, Tandem Examiner, AFF Instructor, and is currently working his PRO Rating. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, hanging out at the beach with friends, and playing poker.


Beau Gillespie

Beau has over 8 years of skydiving experience and over 750 jumps. Born and raised in Reno, NV, he currently lives in San Diego. From an early age, he loved flying of any kind. His friend was a rigger in the Army and invited him out to Colorado to skydive for the first time. He loved it and hasn’t looked back since. At Skydive San Diego, he is a Coach, and AFF Instructor. He attended UNLV on a full ride, won the 1994 national championship in Bull Riding, and earned a degree in Criminal Justice. On the side, he runs an IT Management Services company. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and traveling the world.


Eddie Cavilelli

Eddie is a skydiving veteran with over 19 years of experience and over 10,000 jumps. Born in Brazil and raised in New York City, he currently lives in San Diego. When he jumped for the first time, he fell in love and never looked back. He enjoys the never-ending challenge and is still learning new things after nearly 20 years in the profession. He started at Skydive San Diego in 2010 while working on his AFF Rating. Currently, he is a Coach, AFF Instructor, Video Rated, and is currently working on his PRO Rating, Coach Examiner rating, and AFF Examiner rating. In addition to his skydiving career, he has dedicated over 450 hours as an airline pilot and is currently working on obtaining his ATP and Multi-Engine Licenses. In his free time, Eddie enjoys traveling, surfing, and skydiving.


Larry Barbiaro

Larry is a skydiving veteran with over 17 years of experience and nearly 6000 jumps. Born in New York City and raised in Altamonte Springs, FL, he currently lives in Chula Vista. His love for skydiving began when he was in the military and attended free fall school. He has been at Skydive San Diego since 2000 when he first visited as a part of the Navy Parachute Team. Now, he is a Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, FAA Senior Rigger, Static Line Instructor, has a PRO rating, and is currently working on getting AFF Examiner rating. Larry also has a degree from Excelsior College. Most of his free time is dedicated to his family. He is a fitness enthusiast and an avid biker and swimmer.


Matt Diaz

Matt has over 5 years of skydiving experience and over 2500 jumps. He was born and raised in Chula Vista, California. On his 23rd birthday, he went skydiving for the first time with his best friend and immediately fell in love with the sport. At Skydive San Diego, he is a Coach Examiner, AFFI, and Tandem Instructor. He also holds the 2015 World Record for wingsuit formation. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, swimming, and traveling.


Colin Braun

Whats up, my name is Colin Braun and I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in the beautiful, sunny San Diego! I am a tandem instructor and a senior parachute rigger here at Skydive San Diego. I have been in the sport for 3 years now and have a total of 550 jumps. My favorite things in skydiving are flying fast canopies and getting to work with all my best friends! When I am not jumping out of planes some things i enjoy doing are getting tattooed, going to concerts/music festivals, and backpacking up high in the mountains! Also, I love listening to rap/r&b music and I am always having a good time if I am out at night dancing to it! Come get tossed out of a plane and enjoy the great thrill of skydiving with me! Can't wait to meet you!


Rachel Delacour

Rachel was raised between the mountains and the ocean of Washington State. Since making her first skydive in 2015, she has made roughly 1,200 sport jumps and obtained her Coach, AFF and Tandem ratings. Before beginning her career as a skydiver, Rachel earned her Master’s degree in accounting from the University of Washington, and traveled the world pursuing big mountain and backcountry skiing. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, snack foods and pretending she’s a semi-professional dart thrower.


Jay Sanders

Jay was born in Springfield, South Carolina and has been in the sport for over 18 years. He has over 18000 jumps with a Coach, Tandem, AFF and Examiner Rating. 


Jules Owen

Jules has been skydiving for over 4 years and has about 1300 jumps. She is a Coach and Tandem Instructor.

Jules was born and raised in a small town in Michigan. Since then she has lived in Amsterdam, Holland, Key West, FL, Lake Ozark, MO, and Chelan, WA. In her free time she enjoys wingsuiting and BASE jumping, speedflying, surfing, snowboarding, flying planes, and sailing. Prior to her skydiving career, Jules was also a professional softball player and coach, real estate agent, 100ton USCG boat captain, and a ninja.


Eddie Glassett

Eddie has been professionally skydiving since 2013 after his doing his first Tandem Jump at Skydive San Diego. He has 2000+ jumps with over 1300 AFF jumps. Eddie was born in Colorado and raised in Solana Beach California. He has an AFF and coach rating. Seeing when it clicks for a student is what I love about instructing. In my spare time I like to golf and hang out at the beach.


Vita Janusauskas

Vita has over 40 years in the sport and has completed over 20000 skydives.
Born in Lithuania, he moved to the US in 2005 to pursue his skydiving career. 3 time world team member, Vita is a Coach and a Tandem Instructor. He also enjoys swimming and hiking in his free time.

Jake Mendelson

Jake has been an active jumper for 5 years and has 950 jumps. He holds AFF instructor, tandem instructor, coach, and USPA PRO ratings. Apart from skydiving, Jake is a pilot and enjoys working on cars and motorcycles.


Chris Beckmann

Chris has 4 years experience in the sport, with 900+ jumps.  He hold ratings for Coach, AFFI, Tandem and Rigger.
Outside of Skydiving he enjoys Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Traveling

Kristian Nilsson

Kristian Started in Sweden, and holds the following ratings: Tandem, Aff, freefall videographer, free-fly coach. He has 8500+ jumps.

When I am not skydiving I am Freediving, surfing or doing yoga!


Chris Hayworth

Chris Started skydiving in Feb 2014 in Florida. Moved to Colorado shortly after getting licensed. Started working as an instructor in California in 2017. Has made 2600+ skydives with no plans to stop anytime soon!


Adrian Bond

Adrian’s first experience with skydiving was back home in Vermont. A few years after his first jump he moved abroad to attend the New Zealand Skydiving School. Adrian moved to Southern California in 2011 to chase his dream of becoming a Skydive Instructor. He has just 8500+ total skydives. Outside of skydiving his passions include downhill skiing, mountain biking and eventually paragliding.