San Diego Summer Bucketlist

Visiting San Diego in the summer is the best time to experience all the bucket list items San Diego has to offer. With the warmer weather and sun shining all day long, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the day from beginning to end. Here is the ultimate San Diego summer bucket list for thrill and adventure-seekers!

Start the Day With an Adventure 

Start your adventure-filled day will a paddle out to surf at sunrise at Ocean Beach. Starting early in the morning will ensure catching epic waves and beating the crowds. Surfing in the morning is also a great time due to the lighter winds. 

After you catch your waves, cool down with a stretch and a later morning yoga flow. You can take many yoga classes around San Diego, or you can always roll out your mat on the beach and get in your flow before the afternoon adventures.


SkyDive in the Afternoon 

Just a short drive from Ocean Beach, you can extend your adventure to the afternoon at SkyDive San Diego! This is your chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Skydiving is a perfect way to overlook the stunning Southern California scenery with stunning shots of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego metropolitan area, and Baja California. You can expect a freefall of approximately one minute and then a five to six-minute parachute flight.  

If this is your first tandem jump, the feeling of skydiving is challenging to describe; however, the whole experience at SkyDive San Diego will be unforgettable and perfect for adrenaline-seekers. 

You can prepare for the jump by wearing lace-up athletic shoes, shorts or long pants an athletic-fitted shirt. You’ll jump at a high altitude, so pants and a light jacket might be more comfortable. We have jumpsuits available upon request. 

Cheers at the Nova Brewery 

After your thrilling jump, celebrate at the Nova Brewery! The SkyDive San Diego community loves to come here after a great day of SkyDive and cheers to an incredible jump. The Nova brewery is just a short drive from SDSD and the perfect spot to end your San Diego-filled day. 

Nova Kombucha is a hard kombucha that is a naturally effervescent elixir made by fermenting tea– with a twist. Hard kombucha takes another round of fermentation to take it a step further. Nova Brewery is founded in Southern California, the perfect environment and climate to create a unique kombucha and the best way to top off your day. 

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