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Skydiving Equipment

Skydiving success is only as good as the equipment. You could have a host of skilled and licensed professionals such as ours at Skydive San Diego, Inc. but unless the sky diving equipment is up to par, a lot can go wrong. We use RWS Sigma Tandems and VSE Infinity with Icarus Canopies. These parachute systems are the absolute latest in cutting-edge technology in the skydiving industry. We offer nothing less than the absolute best when it comes to skydiving equipment. Each parachute comes equipped with an Automatic Activation Device for your added safety. And in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration, all of our Parachute Riggers are certified and guaranteed.

The RWS Sigma Tandem system is simply the best that skydiving has to offer. Unlike all other tandem systems where the drogue was simply tacked onto an existing design, the Sigma was redesigned from the ground up. Contained within its design is an answer to every container related problem ever observed in skydiving. Over 1,800,000 jumps have been successfully made on the Tandem Vector Systems, which makes them the most advanced system in skydiving history. The Tandem Vector System offers all the developments made in tandem equipment during the last 15 years.

Skydiving Gear

In skydiving gear, Sigma Tandem is light-years ahead of the rest. A Tandem System consists of a harness with the main and reserve canopies, drogue system, and student harness. The new VSE Infinity parachutes are equally impressive when it comes to quality. The Infinity harness/container system was designed with the two most important principles in mind: Safety and Performance. An emphasis has been placed on increased security of pin cover flaps and riser covers. These updated chutes also contain a redesigned reserve pilot chute for better launch and higher drag.

Only the most advanced construction techniques and the finest quality materials go in to developing each and every piece of our skydiving equipment and gear.