Skydiving Expectation VS. Skydiving Reality: Your First Jump

man and woman skydiving at sky dive san diego
It’s your first jump at Skydive San Diego – you’re nervous and excited about the adrenaline rush yet to come! There are probably a lot of questions running through your mind beforehand – or your thoughts making you more nervous every time you think about it. Here’s what to expect when getting ready to jump with us – it may surprise you!

What to Expect For Your First Jump

Expectation: Help! It will be stressful right before my jump! 

Reality: By arriving on time, the check-in process will be quick and straightforward. Once parked on the property, you will make your way to our front office. From there, a front desk staff member will guide you to fill out our waiver forms and your additional information. You will be geared up and trained after that, and that’s it!

man and woman skydiving at sky dive san diego

Expectation: I won’t get to know my Tandem instructor!

Reality: Before your jump, your Tandem instructor will walk over to meet you and answer any questions you may have. Once you’re suited up, you will walk to the airplane with your tandem instructor and sit next to them. They are there to reassure you, laugh with you and keep you safe! Our instructors have some amazing personalities.

Expectation: There will be no wait time after checking in.

Reality: There is a wait time between checking in, signing paperwork, and suiting up for your jump. The duration of this time can depend on weather conditions, the capacity of the plane, and staffing. However, you can expect a two-hour check-in process in total from beginning to step onto the plane.

Expectation: I won’t need to spend extra money on a video package!

Reality: You’ll want to remember this once-in-a-lifetime experience! We recommend the Video Deluxe package for the best photos AND videos. With this package, an additional instructor will jump with you and take the pictures and video from an outside perspective. Many happy jumpers recommend this package to anyone first jumping because they document your anticipation throughout the whole process!

Three professional skydivers at sky dive san diego

Expectation: I won’t be able to jump with my friends.

Reality: You WILL be able to jump in the same group as your friends! Although with larger groups, you will have to jump separately due to the capacity of the airplane. We encourage participants to jump with their friends and family to make the experience even more memorable.

6 woman before skydiving at sky dive san diego

Expectation: My stomach will “drop” once I jump out of the plane!

Reality: Many participants do not experience the “stomach drop” sensation that you may find on a winding rollercoaster as they exit the airplane. The feeling of the free fall is unlike any other phenomenon and is what keeps skydivers jumping over and over again.

man and woman skydiving at sky dive san diego

Book Your First Jump Now!

Ready to cross skydiving off your bucket list? Book now – it’s as simple as deciding what package is best for you. Choose from our Regular Tandem, Online Tandem, and Early Bird special.

For more information about your first jump, visit our Top Ten Skydiving FAQs and stay up-to-date with SDSD news with our Skydive San Diego newsletter!

man and woman skydiving at sky dive san diego

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