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“A” License

The next step after you reach Solo Certification is the United States Parachute Association (USPA) A-License. During the A-License Training Program you will learn the skills necessary to jump with other people and you will learn how to pack your own main parachute. The jumps are broken into six skill sets that need to be mastered prior to the A-License check dive.

Throughout the program, you are encouraged to make “Unsupervised Solo Freefall Jumps” or C 8’s to practice your skills and become more proficient in the air. These jumps also help you reach the minimum of 25 skydives necessary to apply for the A-License.

“A” License Coaching Program

Skydive Level USPA Category Price
Unsupervised Solo Freefall C8 E $55 ea
Clear & Pull from 5000′ C9 F $89 ea
Fall Rate Drills C10 F $129 ea
Docking with Fall Rate Drills C11 G $129 ea
Dive to Dock C12 G $129 ea
A License Check Dive and ground review with Chief Instructor USPA $129 ea

Solo Certified students are qualified to self jumpmaster on C 8 solo skydives from full altitude (7000′ minimum) without direct supervision and providing USPA currency requirements are met (30 day rule) as follows:

C 8 solo skydive – anytime within 30 days of last skydive = $25 ticket + $30 gear rental

Over 30 days: Review and jump with AFF I $30 additional.

Over 180 days: Attend FJC ($50 additional) and complete AFF 4 with Chief instructor. Then, continue program at AFF 4 or higher with Chief Instructor approval per ISP sec. 5.2 1 (B).