Advanced Tandem

Advanced Tandem SkyDive

The advanced tandem is designed for people that are not quite confident with going through the AFF course but would like to learn more about skydiving with a “coach” attached.

The learning objectives for this jump are the following:

  1. The “arch” position and presentation into the relative wind.
  2. You will wear an altimeter and maintain altitude awareness.
  3. You will learn assisted 360 degree turns left and right.
  4. You will pull/deploy the parachute at 5,000 feet.

Once your canopy is opened, you will learn how to check the parachute, do a canopy control check and learn about the landing pattern. Please contact us if you have any questions about the Advanced Tandem program!

*In order to participate, all customers must be 18 with a valid I.D & 230lbs or less.

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