Sky Warrior ( Fun Jumper )

Sky Warrior

Why make skydiving a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, when you can feel this unique adrenaline rush weekly? Get your skydive certification at Skydive San Diego! When you get certified at SDSD, you join a community of thrill seekers and supportive members. Here’s why jumping at Skydive San Diego is worth exploring.

Why Fly Solo?

Adrenaline, serotonin, and endorphins surge through your body leaving you feeling joyous when you jump out of an airplane. Skydiving is empowering, it pushes us to get out of our comfort zone

The confidence you build when trusting yourself to do something out of the ordinary, like jumping out of an airplane solo, pushes you to take more chances and opportunities in your life. Many skydivers feel like more stressful situations become easier as they incorporate skydiving into their life!

Although you’re ‘flying solo’ you’re joining an incredible group of skydiving enthusiasts who continue to grow their opportunities in and out of the dropzone.

Solo Vs. Tandem

Solo jump versus a tandem jump, what’s the difference?!

Tandem Skydiving

During a Tandem Skydive, you are connected to a licensed instructor, in a controlled environment where you can experience the taste of free falling without the intensive training. For your first skydiving experience, a tandem jump will likely be your jump!

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Solo Jump

Skydiving solo allows you to experience freefall in your way! By enrolling in Trident Training Center, and taking the next step in your skydiving certification, you’ll start with the AFF First Jump Course. Following successful completion of the FJC, each student may complete an advanced tandem which will introduce the student to freefall and basic canopy flight.

Following completion of AFF, each student will be cleared for solo student skydives and to continue to coach jumps to complete their A License.

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Join the Skydive San Diego Community

Joining a community of like-minded individuals will be worth it! Skydivers live life on their terms and to the fullest extent. The community is an enriching experience to open your life up and meet new people from all around the world, as well as find support from a whole collective!

In addition, becoming a skydiver means you’ll never stop learning. Whether that’s from learning about new equipment, practices, or learning about new people! As an experienced jumper, you know that not all drop zones are created equal – that’s why joining Skydive San Diego is a decision that will benefit you for a lifetime. We take pride in providing the best environment for jumpers of all levels.

Hear From Our Community

“SO WORTH IT! I had Victor as my awesome instructor and MAN was he just full of great energy! I’m super terrified of heights and thought this would be a great way to get over it. Victor made everything more fun and less terrifying. The views were amazing! You could see the water, the mountains and the area nearby. I’d def go back!” – Sarah Z.

“I’ve jumped twice here! The process was very easy and straightforward, the staff are exceptional and welcoming, and I’m well-instructed prior to the dive/jump. Great first and second experience for me. Will definitely come back!” – Nockie D.

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