Four Pro Tips For Beginning Tandem Jumpers

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Congrats! After booking your tandem jump, get ready to prepare for your premium skydiving experience! Here’s your go-to checklist for tandem beginners.


Mentally Prepare Yourself


After booking your first tandem skydiving jump, your mind might start to wander as you think about all the new experiences ahead. A lot of people find themselves overwhelmed with this new height to conquer, however, they are usually amazed to discover that they found a new sport. Some even sign up for their Solo Certification right away!

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The hardest part about skydiving for the first time is the unknown. Not knowing how you’re going to feel during this process is completely normal!

Sky Dive San Diego


Whether you’re fearful of trying something you’ve never done before or anticipating a new height, all your questions can be answered with our FAQ or with your instructor beforehand.


In addition, we always try to encourage beginner jumpers to break down their experience into manageable steps. Start with how you’re going to prepare yourself the night before:


  • get to bed early
  • wake up in time to not feel rushed in the morning
  • have a light breakfast
  • dress in comfortable athletic clothes
  • keep your hair out of your face!

Get Excited About Your Jump!


Your FIRST jump IS a big deal – make sure you remember it! These are the moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, you can do so by booking our Deluxe Video Package. Since this is a whole new experience, go easy on yourself and spend the day at the DZ, grab some merch and your first jump could start a whole new chapter in your life.


Ask Your Questions Beforehand


At Skydive San Diego, we are happy to answer any questions you may have before your FIRST jump! Whether you keep up to date with our newsletter, social media, or call beforehand, we are  able to answer any questions or concerns before your jump.


In addition, before your jump and after the check-in process, your tandem instructor will meet you and answer any questions in person before you’re suited up. Nervous? Don’t be! They are there to reassure you, laugh with you and keep you safe!


Dress The Part!


As we’ve said before, preparing yourself is a huge tip for your first tandem jump – you’ll want to dress the part! Dressing appropriately for skydiving is simple:


  • Tennis Shoes – Sneakers or tight-laced tennis shoes are the best options for this sport!
  • Athletic Clothing – It’s important to wear sweat-wicking, and loose-fitting clothing, similar to what you would wear to the gym. You want your clothing to move as you do.
  • Avoid the Accessories – Leave the large earrings, headbands, rhinestones, or other accessories on the ground.

Book Your Tandem Jump Now


Your next jump is one click away – book now and experience skydiving at the best dropzone in California. Skydive San Diego additionally offers multiple packages to make your experience exactly what you want.

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